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What is The Waterford Greenway?


A lot of our guests have heard of Waterford's fantastic Greenway but may not know what it actually is. After several guests have asked us this question, we decided to put together this short explanation and guide to Waterford's wonderful Greenway.


Waterford Greenway is a 46km (29 miles) off-road cycle and walking path that runs end to end from Waterford City to the town of Dungarvan. It’s suitable for walkers and cyclists and has many points of entry and exit along the way. The Greenway is built on the now disused line of the Waterford to Dungarvan railway.


Cycling on Waterford’s Greenway. Photo by Jonathan Thacker.


Some people may be familiar with the idea of a "Greenway." Many countries have several Greenways or may have whole networks of Greenway cycle and walking paths. 


In contrast, some people may not have heard of or visited a Greenway before, and the concept of an off-road cycle path of this length might be a new one.


While we know there are a few of them around the world, we are still confident in saying that Waterford Greenway has to be one the best Greenways out there. We have spent endless hours enjoying the Waterford Greenway and have put together this guide to help people enjoy their own experience on the Waterford Greenway.


How to Get on to the Greenway?


There are multiple access points for the Greenway both at either end as well as along its length.


In Dungarvan, you can get onto the Greenway from right of the centre of the town itself opposite the Causeway road. There is ample free parking available at Davitts Quay and Strand Side South.


From Waterford City, the Greenway is accessible from just outside the City itself. You can get onto the Greenway quickly from the quayside on the northern edge of the City along the River Suir. Parking is available free of charge at Bilberry. 


Another great place to access the Greenway on the city side is from WIT's west campus, only a short spin from the city center. Here there is parking for nearly 400 cars.


Along its length, there are many more places to get on and off the Greenway and park your car. The midpoint of the Greenway is located roughly at the village of Kilmacthomas. 


Kilmacthomas (known locally as "Kilmac") has multiple Greenway entry points as well as extensive parking facilities. Kilmacthomas is the true “Heart of the Greenway” and is a popular starting point to explore the Greenway in either direction. It’s our recommended point of access for your first time on the Greenway.


Getting ready to cycle the Waterford Greenway. Photo by Morris.


There are several other access points along the Greenway. You are never more than 6 or 7km from an exit point at any time while on the route. A great map of all of the Greenway access points can be found here.

What Kind of Bike Do I Need and Do I Need to Bring One with Me?


You don't need to be a pro cyclist or have a bike made of super lightweight carbon fiber to enjoy the Greenway. In fact, you don't even need to own a bike at all to have a great time cycling the Greenway.


Along its length, The Waterford Greenway is mostly flat or has a very slight up or down hill gradient and is paved along its entire length. This makes it incredibly easy to cycle. Waterford Greenway is suitable for cyclists (or anyone on a self-powered vehicle) of all levels.


As long as your bike is mechanically sound and safe and you have the necessary safety gear (helmet) you are good to go.


You can bring any bike for a cycle on the famous Waterford Greenway. Photo by Max Pixel.


If you don't own a bike, you can rent one at multiple places. We can even arrange this for you ahead of time if requested. Bikes and safety gear can be rented in Dungarvan and Waterford as well as in Kilmacthomas and Durrow at any time of the year. 


Some companies will even organise collection at one end of the Greenway if you start at the other - this makes doing the full 46km entirely feasible for many people.

Is the Greenway suitable for families?


The Waterford Greenway is absolutely suitable for families! Whether walking or cycling, the Greenway is a perfect activity for the whole family from ages 9 to 99 (and beyond). Safe and controlled, there is never any motorized traffic on the Greenway.


This makes the Waterford Greenway the perfect place to bring children or cautious cyclists out for a safe cycling experience.


The Waterford Greenway is suitable for adults and kids alike. Photo by PxHere.


It’s important to note, that when cycling, you should take care to ensure that anyone you bring onto the Greenway can control their bike. 


With many other walkers and cyclists on the Greenway at the same time as your family, the best experience is when everyone on it doesn't veer into other peoples way.


You don't need to be an expert cyclist to cycle the Greenway. It’s even an excellent place to help someone take their first few pedals on a bike. 


However, for those planning to travel the length of the Greenway, or longer distances along its length, it’s essential that you have the basics of cycling figured out before your trip.


Greenway Tips

Cycle/walk on the left, pass on the right


If there’s one rule on the Greenway it’s this "Cycle/walk on the left, pass on the right." This is universal throughout the Greenway and is the same no matter what direction you are going in.


Walk on the left, pass on the right! Photo by Jonathan Thacker.

Leave no trace


Bring sufficient water and snacks with you but also bring your rubbish home or put it in a bin. There are bins at various points along the Greenway, so there is never any excuse to litter.

Keep your dog on a leash


If you are bringing your canine friend make sure to keep it on a leash. 

While it might seem like a good place to let a dog go, a collision between a cyclist and a dog is something nobody wants.

It's not a race track


As an expert cyclist, you might be tempted to try and max out your speed on the Greenway. For the sake of others, it's best to hold back your speed on the Waterford Greenway. 


Remember: Waterford’s Greenway is not a race track! Photo by Robert Ashby.


The Greenway is a resource to be enjoyed by all. While it’s possible to go fast, it's not fair or safe to cycle at top speeds along its length.


Remember that not everyone on the Greenway is a super cyclist. It’s essential to have the same respect for others that you would expect to receive.

Are There Toilets and Cafes on the Greenway?


Yes, there are. You won't be caught out along Waterford Greenway. Public toilets are present at most entry and exit points. 


Furthermore, there are also high quality cafe and/or restaurant facilities at the majority of entry and exit points along the Waterford Greenway. 

How to Get to Waterford Greenway from Copper Coast Holidays in Bunmahon?


At its closest point, the Greenway is less than 10km from our accommodation in Bunmahon. If you need a lift to the Waterford Greenway or would like to rent a bike we are more than happy to help you out. 


We are very proud here in Copper Coast Holidays to have the Greenway at our doorstep. We take a real delight in sharing this great experience with guests who come and stay in our B&B.


If you have any questions about the Greenway before coming to stay with us, feel free to contact us with your questions ahead of time.

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