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Things to do near Waterford Greenway


After spending a day or two exploring the Waterford Greenway, many of our guests are curious to see what else they can do nearby. There is no shortage of choice, with a huge variety of unique attractions that are within 20 or 30 minutes drive of the Greenway.


Near Waterford Greenway, there is a massive variety of things to do. For nature lovers, the dramatic coastal area of the Copper Coast UNESCO Global Geopark to the glacial mountain lakes and waterfalls of the Comeragh Mountains are a must-see. For those who love to relax and learn, Mount Congreve and the Suir Valley Railway cannot be missed. While for adventure lovers, nothing beats the rush of catching a wave on Bunmahon Beach.


For some people, their trip to Waterford might begin and end with the Waterford Greenway. While we don’t think there is anything wrong with that, we know that the Greenway is only the tip of the iceberg in terms of experiencing Waterford. 


We wrote this concise list to showcase some of the things near the Greenway that we tell our guests not to miss if they have the chance.

Some of Our Favorite Things to Do See off the Greenway


We are fortunate here in Waterford. From mountains to coastline, small villages to a bustling city, the Waterford area offers up a vast variety of things to do. There truly is something for everyone. 


We have listed a small selection of our favorite things to do here below. Of course, there are many more. If you are considering coming to stay with us, please don’t hesitate to ask if there is something in particular you’d like to do.  

Be awestruck in the Copper Coast UNESCO Global Geopark,


Located in Bunmahon, the Copper Coast UNESCO Global Geopark is close to the Greenway entry points at Durrow and Kilmacthomas. Without a doubt, Waterford’s Copper Coast is one of Ireland’s most spectacular stretches of coastline.


The spectacular Copper Coast area in Waterford. Photo by Mal B.


UNESCO designates the Copper Coast a Global Geopark. This means that the spectacular coastline here has a unique scientific importance. Furthermore, tourism here is managed by the community to make it sustainable and beneficial to the locals.


Check out the many points of interest around the area (known as Geosites) which are listed on the Copper Coast Geopark's website. Alternatively, call into the visitor centre, located in a restored church, in Bunmahon to learn more about the area’s fascinating mining history.

Alpine adventure in the Comeragh Mountains


Visible from much of the length of the Greenway, Waterford’s Comeragh Mountains are spectacular. Besides, the area is home to several sites that are well worth a visit in their own right.


The Comeragh Mountains. Photo by Michael Foley.


The Glacial Corrie lake at Coumshignan is a short and easy hike from the car park off the N25 and is one of the most impressive glacial lakes anywhere in Europe. Said by locals to be bottomless, it is framed by 300 metre high cliffs and filled with dark mysterious-looking water which runs off peat bogs higher in the mountains.


Mahon Falls is a spectacular waterfall that is very easy to get to. Parking is available very close to the falls, and the views here are lovely. The river is especially worth a visit after heavy rains as the water rushing down the mountain turns into a roaring torrent.  

Relax among beautiful gardens in Mount Congreve


Located just off Waterford Greenway and very close to Waterford City, Mount Congreve is a beautiful landscaped historical garden.


Mount Congreve is open to the public for visits and guided tours during the summer months and features one of the largest collections of plants in Ireland as well as a small visitor center and cafe.


A scented path in the Mount Congreve Gardens. Photo by David Dixon.


This beautiful garden is a great day out and well worth a visit. More information can be found on the Mount Congreve Garden website.  


Surfing waves in Bunmahon


Located right next door to us in Copper Coast Holidays is Bunmahon beach. Lifeguarded in summer months and great for swimming, Bunmahon is also a perfect beach for surfing.


Bunmahon beach. Photo by Jonathan Thacker.


For advanced surfers the beach offers fast-breaking waves in big swells but, especially during the summer, Bunmahon’s sheltered aspect makes it a great place to learn to surf.


Bunmahon Surf School is located right off the beach and arranges lessons and gear rentals for all ages and abilities. They also do stand up paddle board lessons and tours during calm days - a super way to explore the coast.

Taste Tramore and Dungarvan


The coastal towns of Tramore and Dungarvan have undergone a foodie revival as of late. There is a really exciting variety of new restaurants and eateries in both places. Waterford is also home to some great food festivals.


If you’re here in April, one of our favorite festivals is the West Waterford Food Festival based in Dungarvan. The festival is a chance to experience local food trails and taste unique products. 


The town of Dungarvan is where Waterford’s famous West Waterford Food Festival takes place. Photo by Oliver Dixon.


The festival presents opportunities to hear some of the country’s best chefs and food produces talk about the latest developments in their trades.

Catch a ride on the Waterford and Suir Valley Railway


The Waterford and Suir Valley Railway is a restored narrow-gauge railway that runs along 17km of looped track from the village of Kilmeaden. The railway takes around 40 minutes and runs at a speed of 15km/hr.


Waterford and Suir Valley Railway Train. Photo by David Dixon.


The train's route is beautiful and takes in the banks of the Suir and Mount Congreve Gardens. Run entirely by volunteers; this is a unique community tourism attraction and worth the short spin from Bunmahon.

Don't Hesitate to Ask Us for More Information


There is a lot more to do near the Greenway in Waterford than we can list here. If you are coming to cycle the Greenway and would like to find out more on what can be done nearby, please email us with any questions. 


We can also help arrange group tours and special interest guides for your group.

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